Friday, 8 February 2013

Gather at Willesden Green Library on Saturday to show your concern

Please gather at Willesden Green Library tomorrow (Saturday February 9th) to show your concern when the members of the Planning Committee pay a site visit at 9.45am ahead of the Planning Committee decision on the redevelopment.
The Council has recently changed the committee rules in a way that "applications may not be discussed at that time”. However at the end of the visit "the applicant and a representative of the objectors may briefly draw attention to any aspect of the site that is relevant”. It would be good to have a significant number of people present at that, including children, if possible.
The non-statutory public inquiry into the application to register the land at the front of the Library as public space will be at the Library on Monday 11th February at 10am.

The planning meeting to decide on the development is still on for Feb 13th. (
7pm at Brent Town Hall, items 6 & 7 on the agenda). Rather oddly as the enquiry mentioned above won’t have finished till the day after, and also the ' consultation' period won't be over till 14th February!!! (Happy Valentines Day from Brent Council)


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