Friday, 15 June 2012

Willesen Bookshop is NOT subsidised

It appears that some councillors are still claiming that the Willesden Bookshop's rent in the Willesden Library Centre is subsidised. The bookshop say that a previous claim by a councillor about the subsidy had been based on the mistaken belief that the shop did not pay its own utility bills. In fact it is separately metered and pays for its own heating, lighting and water usage. They point out that they have never asked for a subsidy and Brent's own property department chose not to increase the rent on the last review date, perhaps because they were anxious to retain the bookshop's presence at the Centre, having lost the two other commercial tenants who ran the cinema and cafe. Their only subsidy has been one quarter rent's waiver during an extensive refurbishment of the Library Centre when the building was boarded up and the business suffered as a consequence.

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