Friday, 8 June 2012

Application lodged for Town Green designation of Willesden Green open space

An application has been made for the  registration of the front courtyard of the Willesden Green Library Centre to be registered as a Town Green under the Commons Act 2006.

Enjoying the potential Town Green over the Bank Holiday

The application, by Martin Redston, seeks:
....the inclusion in the register of town and village greens of the land described in the Schedule below which is claimed to have qualified for registration as a town or village green by virtue of indulgence by a significant number of inhabitants of Willesden Green Ward as of right in respect of sports and lawful pastimes for a period of at least 20 years.
Objections to registration must be received by 20th July 2012.

The Green Fair held in the open space outside Willesden Green Library in May last year:


  1. Any news on this?

  2. I am writing to tell you all that the Application to Register a Town Square is currently being considered by Lawyers from Brent Council. So far they have spent five weeks considering this weighty problem. I am contacting the Council Officer responsible for the application every week and two weeks ago he wrote to state that the application process does not provide any time limit. If they fail to agree to registration then we will be entitled to have a Public Enquiry under the UK Planning Inspectorate, then members of the public will be able to write in with their views and even attend on the day. So the matter is not over yet by a long chalk. In the meantime I do not believe that the revised Planning Application for 92 flats and the small community library facility as proposed could actually go ahead. Watch this space...


  3. Martin

    Myself and everyone who I have spoken to about this, think this is a very worthwhile application.

    Please keep us updated and keep up the good work!

    Lots of people would want to attend any public inquiry.

    With the potential loss of a public square, a performance space, and a playground and a car park Brent only seem to want to build over rather than improve the area.

    The minute size of the public area in Galliford's proposed scheme is extremely disheartening!

    So anything that be done to prevent this over development and preserve the public realm is very welcome.


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