Monday, 11 June 2012

Philip Grant's Planning Law and Policy Arguments

Time is tight to submit your objections to the Willesden Green Library Planning and Conservation Area Consent applications, but help is at hand. If you feel that you need some help to put together your arguments at the last minute, or if you would like to read someone else's and then refer to those in support of your own objection letter, here are three detailed argued cases from the objection letters that Philip Grant will be submitting before the deadline on Thursday 14 June. They cover: The main planning policy points; The arguments about "significance" which are an important factor in applying current planning policy; and The arguments over whether the harm the proposals would do is necessary, or outweighs, the public benefits claimed by the proposed development. If you wish to save time by saying that you 'agree the arguments on [whatever aspect of the three points you wish to refer to] put forward by Philip Grant in his objection letter, which I have seen in draft form', then please feel free to do so.

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