Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Willesden Green planning application available tomorrow

The Full Planning Application for the Willesden Green Library Centre redevelopment was submitted to Brent's Planning Department on 4 May 2012, and has been given the application reference number: 12/1190 .
A separate Conservation Area Consent application, to allow the demolition of the 1894 Willesden Green Library building, has the reference number: 12/1191 . 

The applications and plans will be available to view online from Thursday 10 May.

Go to , from the list of options click "search for a planning application" then from the search by list choose "application number". By entering either 12/1190 or 12/1191 in the box and clicking on the query button you will be taken to that application, where you can click on "full details" for a list of the various documents submitted in support of it.

Chris Walker, Brent's Assistant Director (Planning & Development), has kindly provided the following advice on submitting objections:
'In terms of how you respond, it will be sufficient to include comments on both applications in one letter as long as you indicate that this is your intention and ideally quote both reference numbers.'
It will be possible to "comment on this application" via the Brent Planning website, although a letter (keeping a copy yourself) may be a better option. There will be a time limit (21 days from the date it is advertised) for objections to the conservation area consent application, so make sure that you object to the demolition of the Victorian library building in time!


  1. As at 18:30 on 10 May 2012 application appearing but no related documentation...

  2. PS It seems that the Planning Stage - i.e. now - is a really vital point at which to comment and make formal submissions if there really is to be any meaningful opposition to the plan. I hope everyone who cares for ensuring that Willesden becomes a better rather than a worse place to live will take the time. There won't be a second chance...


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