Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Statutory Notice of application to demolish 1894 Willesden Green Library

The tex below is a copy of the Statutory Notice issued on 22 May giving details of the Conservation Area Consent application which Brent Planning Service have received for the demolition of the Victorian Willesden Green Library building. It says where you can see the planning application (the One Stop Shop at Brent House),  when you can get advice from the Planning Service about it (Wednesday evenings between 4.30pm and 6.45pm) and who any written representations about the application should be sent to.
The time limit for objections is given as on or before 12 June 2012, but as the notice also has to be published in a local newspaper, and this will not be until 24 May, the 21 day time limit will actually expire on 14 June 2012.

Philip Grant




Notice is given pursuant to Regulation 5 of the PLANNING (LISTED BUILDING & CONSERVATION AREAS) ACT 1990 that the following application has been received by the London Borough of Brent for Conservation

Area Consent as detailed below:

Location: Willesden Green Library Centre, 95 High Road, London, NW10 2SF

Proposal: Conservation Area consent for the demolition of the old library building.

Our Reference: 12/1191

A copy of the application and plans as submitted, during the period of 21 days starting with the date of this notice, may be inspected at the One Stop Shop, Brent House, 349 High Road, Wembley between 9am and

5pm Monday to Friday. We are also open on Wednesday evenings between 4.30pm to 6.45pm. to give advice to members of the public on this and any other town planning matters.

Any person wishing to make representations about the proposal should submit them in writing to the Assistant Director, Planning and Development, Brent House, 349 High Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6BZ on or before 12 June, 2012. Please quote our reference number.

Dated: 22 May, 2012

Chris Walker
Assistant Director, Planning and Development

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