Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Deceived, cheated and disheartened...

Following the Council's action in the early hours of this morning when they stripped Kensal Rise Library of books and murals, Kate Spence, joint chair of Keep Willesden Green, has sent the following letter to Cllr Butt, newly elected leader of Brent Council:
Dear Cllr Butt,

It has been dreadful to wake up to the news that your promises of engagement and respect for Brent residents are so shallow. Stripping Kensal Rise Library of  its history, books, plaques and all that give our community identity and reference is a barbaric act. 
Your words and good intentions when you became leader for Brent Council gave residents hope that you wanted to listen and engage with the electorate you serve. 
The furtive and underhand manner in which the Kensal Rise Library has been stripped of murals, furniture and books has left us all feeling deceived, cheated and disheartened.

Kate Spence

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