Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Open letter to Councillor Hunter

Dear Councillor Hunter.

I came along to last night's meeting and felt that the KWG group gave an excellent and honest account of how the 'majority' of Willesden Residents feel.

I was astonished to hear you suggest that there is a 'silent majority' who do not object to the Executive's proposals. This just is not true. I stood for many weekends outside the library - spreading the words about the new proposals. Firstly, let me say, initially (back in February of this year) I was shocked by how many people did not know about the proposal to knock down the historic 1894 library building and the subsequent demolition of the 20 year old library. In fact - many did not believe me!!

However, due the the persistence of the close knit community we were soon able to spread the word (something the council seem unable to do adequately). The opposition to the demolition of the historic building is huge. I can honestly say that over 90% of those we asked about what they thought of the new plans were against it. They did not need encouragement to sign the petition  - they were enraged that they had not been asked - and that such a thing were possible in a democracy. 

I don't expect you stood outside the library for as many hours as I did or spoke to as many people - but I would ask you to provide me with some proof regarding your suggested  'Silent majority' that you believe exists.   There are two petitions with a collective 9000 signatures from local residents - who are opposed to the plans - we have our own survey of residents which concurs with our own findings of 90% against the development and even GT/Brent Council's own 'consultation' figures record that 77% of residents are against the development - please tell me where your silent majority fit in to these figures? and show me proof.

Jackie Baines

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