Thursday, 19 April 2012

Comprehensive consultation needed - Cllr Sneddon

Cllr Sneddon was handing out the following statement at the Willesden Consultative Forum last night:

Ward councillors including myself were involved in initial discussions about the future of the library. In these discussions it was agreed that the designers would prepare two design options one with and one without the old library building. I warned developers that any design which involved demolishing the old library would be very divisive. A decision was subsequently taken that only a design that involved demolishing the old library was viable as the street frontage was necessary for any design to be effective. Regrettably, this decision was taken behind closed doors without consultation either with residents or councillors. Accordingly I believe residents should be involved in a much more comprehensive consultation on the pros and cons of demolishing the old library and a full consideration of all the options rather than being consulted only on the details of the new design.

I am encouraging all residents to participate in the present consultation and any subsequent planning application while campaigning for a fuller public discussion of the real issues. As part of listening to residents views I am also asking for feedback on a few simple questions below.

Thank you for your interest in this matter,

Councillor Gavin Sneddon

1) How often have you visited Willesden Library in the last twelve months?
2) What are the main purposes of your visits?
3) What things do you most like about the present library and what things do you think most need to be improved?
4) which council ward do you live in? (eg Willesden Green, Brondesbury Park etc)


Correspondence Address: 
c/o Liberal Democrat Group Office
Brent Town Hall
Forty Lane
Mobile:  07407 155 438

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