Thursday, 5 April 2012

How do the spaces in the current and proposed Willesden Green buildings compare?

The developers have produced a comparison table to address questions about the spaces within the proposed new Willesden Green Cultural Centre building ('Client brief') and spaces in the present building.

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This is what Galliford Try say:

In response to resident queries we have prepared a schedule of areas comparing the new WGCC with the existing WGLC. The brief has developed over the last two months in response to the consultation and design development which has taken place.

Overall the building size at Willesden Green has reduced but the reduction in useable space is only around 100 square metres. We have put together a brief for a new building where there is no wasted space, as there is in the current building. The new building will be a compact and active hub for the south of Brent.

The new building will have an open plan design which will allow the spaces to bleed into one another, whilst there is a reduction in library space in the brief there will be a variety of spaces throughout the building which users can occupy and enjoy. The total stock for the new library, including items that will be out on loan will be between 55 and 60,000. Current stock level is 60,000 books.

An evaluation of the requirements for customer services in Brent has concluded that there is a need for 60 customer services booths in the two main customer service hubs in the borough; this is where face to face enquiries for all Council services can be handled.  This provision has been incorporated into the design of both new buildings with 33 booth spaces in the Civic Centre and 27 booths within Willesden. This provision facilitates a significant customer services offer, alongside the cultural and community facilities that both buildings will offer to residents.

The new building at Willesden Green also includes office space for the councils Localities Team (social care referrals and assessment), this team provides an essential council service and is not currently located in the building, accounting for an increase in the overall office space, we have separated out these areas in the attached schedule to make this clear.

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