Thursday, 8 March 2012

Willesden Green Library Alive and Kicking in 2010

Brent Council talks about Willesden Green Library being a failed building. Keep Willesden Green say that managed better it could be dynamic and attract local people. This video made by Brent Council itself shows that the building can indeed come alive given the right sort of event. For our international readers it gives you an idea of the space inside the building which the Council calls dead - and more important the wonderful people who make up our community.

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  1. Excellent reminder of how well the existing building used to work till they let it fall into dereliction and made the car park almost impossibly difficult to use. That car park was obviously "burning a whole in their pocket". And so they have decided to have an office block with stupid acronym letters in place of the listed old library building. How can anyone imagine lively events like the one in the video being held in what will become a council office block? Has somebody had a bribe from the developers? What possible reason could there be for this completely business planned travesty being foisted on the old high street, without any evidence of thought or consideration other than profit?


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