Wednesday, 7 March 2012

1295 people sign Willesden Bookshop petition but will they count?

The e-petition on Willesden Bookshop closed on February 27th and I have been trying to find out when it can be presented to the Council.I have now received this response from Peter Goss of  Brent Democratic Services:
Dear Martin Francis,

Your e-petition has now finished with 511 names against it, most of which appear to live within the borough. In addition I have received a paper petition comprising 312 signatures and paper petitions from pupils of the following schools in the numbers shown:
Gladstone Park Primary – 291
Queens Park Community – 174
Our Lady of Grace Junior – 7

The Executive originally considered the Willesden Green redevelopment project in February 2011, and subsequently on 16th January 2012. You addressed the latter meeting to express concern about there being no provision for the Willesden Green bookshop. The Executive agreed to the redevelopment proposals which did not include provision for a bookshop and delegated officers to take the necessary action to progress the scheme. In addition to this, the scheme will be subject to the necessary planning approvals.

Your petition in its various parts has therefore been forwarded to the Director of Regeneration and Major Projects so that he may take the views expressed into account at the appropriate time when decisions on the detailed design and costings are taken. I have also drawn the petitions to the attention of the Head of Area Planning who will ensure that they are referred to when any planning application is reported to the Planning Committee. However, I understand that there is no planning policy that would require a bookshop to be provided within the development.
So it appears it will not be presented to elected councillors for consideration but to two Brent officers...

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