Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Keep Willesden Green to meet with Ann John

A meeting has been arranged between some of the Keep Willesden Green committee and Ann John, leader of Brent Council. The meeting will take place on Wednesday April 4th.  Supporters who have questions or points to make should e-mail them to

KWG is continuing its multi-pronged campaign which includes:

1. Calling for the Council to Stop, Listen and Reflect before continuing with the development
2. For full consultation with residents about what they would like to see on the site
3. For allocation of space in any new development to the Willesden Bookshop
4. Preservation of the Old Willesden Library building and gaining support of English Heritage
5. Preservation of the open space in front of the current library
6. Preservation of the Conservation Area on the site of the development
7. Full recognition of the petitions on the Old Library Building and the Willesden Bookshop and a special meeting of the council to discuss the former.
8. Researching the land titles for our (Brent citizens') land the Council is about to give to the developer
9. Preparing submissions on the upcoming planning application
10. Continuing to ask people to sign the Stop, Listen and Reflect petition HERE

Meanwhile supporters are urged to lobby councillors, including the newly elected Lib Dem Alison Hopkins who sent a message opposing the scheme to our hustings meeting.

Supporters cam also register their official complaint about the Regeneration and Major Projects Department's handling of the issue with Brent Council  HERE  Please send us a copy of your complaint at the hotmail address and keep your own record. If you are not satisfied with the response move quickly to Stage 2 and 3 of the procedure.

In addition some Freedom of Information requests have been sent to the Council on detailed issues.

Clearly the fight continues. Please keep checking out this blog and e-mail ideas to

And circulate the link to the e-petition via your e-mail lists, Twitter,  Facebook etc.

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