Monday, 30 January 2012

Willesden proposals: reasons to be angry

Willesden Sunset by local artist Tim Danby
Posted on behalf of a Willesden Green resident:

Brent Council has not consulted on this scheme. This is why so many local residents, like myself, are angry.  This is one of the reasons for the  'call in' meeting by a group of councillors on February 1st. This is why a growing number of us are determined ensure our views are taken into account and decisions no longer continue to be made with as little public scrutiny as possible.

Brent Council's proposals, which are already far advanced,  have been made by a group who do not represent in age, ethnicity, social class and political power the people I see in the library. The Vision Statement is a shabby piece of PR; the current library could achieve all that is listed if it were properly managed.

When I asked a library assistant about the proposals two weeks ago, she knew nothing about it, nor could give me any information! Why were there no plans in the library? An opportunity to talk to a representative from the Council about this exciting new vision?

We had at least two mailings about the small alteration to the junction of Staverton Road and Brondesbury Park with detailed plans and opportunities for feed-back. Why were residents sent nothing at all about the redevelopment of our library centre?

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