Thursday, 26 January 2012

Who knew the plans for the library?

I have lived in Willesden Green for 4 years. Over 2 Years in Staverton Road and now nearly 2 years on Brondesbury Park.

The first we heard of the new development for the library was last week. It seems that at this point plans for the new development have been through several phases without our consultation. After our concerns we have since had meetings with many of our neighbours who it turns out also have not been involved in the decision making process at all.

We have always been extremely fond of the library and its service to the local area and in recent times to a much wider area.

My housemate has been running the Willesden Green Wassail for several years and in this coming together of the local community, there is very little knowledge of the plans.

Since investigating further and with the help of neighbours, we have finally seen what is planned and quite frankly it is horrifying. I absolutely understand the need for regeneration in areas such as ours and whole heartedly support the premise.

But quite simply, it is outrageous that we have not been consulted on the matter and that it seems the sample that were are not representative of the demographic within the local community.

I would request that the whole thing is re-consulted and that neighbours as close as we are in Brondesbury Park and Staverton Road are consulted properly on the matter.

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