Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fight builds for old Willesden Central Library

The threatened building now
The proud subject of a local postcard in the past
The ratepayers of Willesden voted to build it, the councillors of Brent voted to demolish it
 The Willesden Local History Society write to Sarah Teather MP last April about the threat to the old Willesden Library building.  Following the Council's decision to go ahead with the demolition they are preparing to mount an epetition in its defence.
Dear Miss Teather,

I am writing on behalf of the Chairman, Committee and members of the Willesden Local History Society. We were upset to hear at our last meeting that the  plans for the development of the Willesden Green Library Centre may lead to the demolition of the iconic old original Library building, on Willesden High Road. The 100-year old building only survived by a whisker in the 1980s, after a campaign by local residents and Councillors.

We are anxious that any redevelopment should retain this small remnant of Willesden's history, a landmark loved by local people. May we ask you to express our wish for the retention of this building, to the relevant bodies? Councillors Mark Cummins and Ann Hunter have offered support if we can mobilise a campaign of awareness of the threat to the old building. We are not usually a campaigning society, but we feel strongly about this local landmark.

                         Yours faithfully, Margaret Pratt.

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