Thursday, 10 January 2013

Willesden Green consultation failure has led to wrong scheme

From the Brent and Kilburn Times 10.1.13

Philip also has a letter in the Willesden and Wembley Observer about the Town Square application anhd loss of open space.


  1. Philip Grant - 'Brent', and barely at that. This is a discussion which the PEOPLE OF WILLESDEN GREEN should primarily be having. Leave it to local residents to decide what happens to their local community please.

  2. Which would exclude the involvement of ALL the developers and ALL the Council officers who have dreamt up this entire scheme, NONE of whom live in the area.

    1. Or indeed the Property developers and their Consultants and PR team, AOC Architects and AHMM. None of them live in Brent and most of them don't even live in London. Philip Grant is a local historian who has devoted much of his career to understanding the local history and recording it. His views are well informed and should be taken seriously and as a local resident, I intend to listen to him.

  3. Dear Anonymous, I am writing to put the record straight on the above two comments. 1. Phil Grant is a resident of Brent. This is a legally recognised administrative area comprising the Locality from which local people are entitled to comment on such planning matters. 2. It is true that most council officers don't live in the area, but they have been employed by our elected representatives to regenerate the area. The developer is not from Brent, it is true, but as far as I know there is only one largish scale contractor in Brent, and they just finished the Spotted Dog (Dog's Dinner!) development renamed Metropolitan Court. I don't think that they are big enough to bid for the big 94 flats and one small library project at WGLC.

    If you want to hear the legal arguments around 'locality' and 'neighbourhood', please attend the Town Square Public Inquiry (set up by Brent Council under the Commons Registration Act 2006). It commences at 10 am on Mon 11th February at the WGLC. It continues until 14th Feb. It is free, democratically accountable in front of an Independent Inspector.

    If you wish to speak or write in, please contact Fiona Ledden, Brent's Solicitor (contact details on the notices round the WGLC and in local press)

    All welcome.


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