Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Inspector appointed to hold Willesden Town Square Inquiry

Parachute games on the Willesden Town Square - spot the councillors

Brent Council has decided to to appoint an independent Inspector to conduct a non-statutory local inquiry in the application for the plaza between the current library and  the now closed bookshop, and the Victorian Library, to be designated a Town Square.

The decision was made on the basis that it will be a simpler and clearer process if the Town Green/Square application was decided before the library redevelopment planning application goes to Planning Committee. If  planning permission had been granted before a successful Town Square registration then the planning consent could not be implemented. This is because the plans submitted by developers Galliford Try build on the space concerned to make space for  the building of flats to the rear of the new building.

An Inspector has been appointed and is expected to hold the local inquiry in the week commencing 17th December 2012. Currently the closing date for comments on the planning application is December 6th 2012 but this is subject to revision.


  1. The enquiry will be headed up by Paul Brown QC of Landmark Chambers. The enquiry is non-statutory but will seek to establish whether people have used the area between the library buildings for leisure pastimes 'as of right' since 1989 when the WGCC was completed. Evidence will be required of such uses in the early days of this period, so if you or a friend met there, took photos, painted a picture, played football, read a book or even gazed at the stars in the late eighties or early nineties on the Town Square, please write to me at

  2. I can remember much fun and frivolities going on in that square all the time and on the opening day of the last library centre being opened loads went on there it was the meeting point fo the local community (I've lived on Grange road for 45 years and always we played in that little square as children it was quite a meeting point for all the local kids from our road and cornwall gardens it was counted as a safe square for us to play in by all our parents feel free to contact me if you need this saying to anyone.
    Have a look for photographic evidence of the last library opening day you'll see how busy and fun filled the square was and still is

    Andy Fenn

    PS... On a side not very amusing to see a lovely big poster hanging in the doorway of WIllesden Library proclaiming 'WORD UP' A celebration of Books and reading, Brent's biggest celebration of books and reading returns to the libraries this autumn' Really Brent? Closing libraries and Bookshops and asset stripping does not in my books count as much of a celebration really....! A tad tactless to say the least but then again thats Brent...


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