Friday, 5 October 2012

Andy Donald's 'one fell swoop' to take out environmental and transport demands

Kate Spence writes:

Article in Architects Journal dated March 2011: 
With this in mind, it is the right time to call for similarly direct language in the government’s proposed national planning policy framework. At a roundtable at MIPIM last year, Andrew Donald, a regeneration boss with Brent Council, pretty much said as much. ‘I’d take out all the demands around environmental and transport requirements in one fell swoop,’ he said, ‘and replace that with something to the point about what development is going to make to local area, written in plain English.

Andy Donald
 Mr Donald, Director  of Major Projects and Regeneration for Brent Council, has clearly extended his "take out in one fell swoop" list since March 2011.

In Willesden the list includes Conservation Area, Literacy, Cultural Amenity, Public Space, Children's Playground, Car Parking, Market Square, Cinema, Bookshop, circulation space, study desks while across the borough we are losing libraries.
Perhaps, he could explain "in plain English" exactly what difference the Galliford Try development is going to make to Willesden Green and why such highly valued Public Amenity can be taken out "in one fell swoop"

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  1. Dictionary definitions of "fell": 1.terrible; 2.destructive or deadly; 3."one fell swoop". a single hasty action.


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