Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sketches at tomorrow's meeting showing how Old Library 'may' be retained

Here is the latest communication from Brent Council regarding the Willesden Green Consultation:
The council will launch a further round of consultation this week with residents and current Willesden library users. This will look at how the new building will be used as well as the design.
The event taking place on the 8th August will introduce this next stage of consultation. Residents and stakeholder groups have been invited via email, online advertising, twitter, posters, the Library newsletter and direct mail.

At this event Brent Council and its partners Galliford Try will display new early sketches for the proposed Willesden Green Cultural Centre this week. The sketches will show how the old library may be retained as part of the new building.

There will be three areas of discussion during the next stage of consultation outlined below:

August – September - The Old Library

Architects are developing proposals to integrate the Old Library with the new Cultural Centre, ideas will be on display at the Willesden Green Library Centre throughout August and you can leave a comment. Developed proposals will be ready in September.
 September - October - Inside the building

We know where we think each activity should go (e.g. the library, museum etc) but we have not decided details like how the library space will be divided or what could go inside the old library. We are having a series of workshops to explore the options in September.

Everyone is invited to any of these workshops, they have been designed to understand how specific target groups would need to use the facilities:

∙ September 4 - Seniors
∙ September 6 - Small and medium enterprises
∙ September 11 - Community groups
∙ September 13 - Ethnic minority groups
∙ September 18 - Teens
∙ September 20 - Families with young children

Further outreach is planned for local schools and the detail for these will be developed in the autumn term with the schools.

October – November - The Interim Strategy

Core services will continue to be delivered while the WGCC is on site; we also want to make sure that the non core services continue to be delivered for example the market. We will be working with the Willesden Green Town Team to develop this strategy.

The Willesden Green Town Team is working with Brent to look at the regeneration of the High Road and lots of activities are being planned for the autumn:

∙ Town team tidy up
∙ Place making and urban design workshops
∙ Pop up shops and meanwhile uses
∙ Market relocation

You can be a member of the Willesden Green Town Team, contact
peter.blue@btinternet.com for more details.

If you need more information or have any questions about the planning application please contact Galliford Try’s dedicated freephone information line on

0800 298 7040 or email

feedback@consultation-online.co.uk. Web: www.willesdengreen.co.uk  Twitter: @Will_GreenCC 
Beth Kay
Regeneration Officer (Major Projects)
: Email:beth.kay@brent.gov.uk

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