Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More Willesden Green workshops in September

E-mail to Beth Kay regarding the summer 'engagement' process over the Willesden Green development:

Dear Beth,

I have heard about an engagement event on August 8th via someone else. I have received nothing directly despite registering for updates.   Could you let me know what other events will be happening over the summer to get people's views. Obviously this is peak holiday time + Olympics, so are you doing anything else to garner opinion. August 8th is not advertised on the Linden Homes/Galliford Try website, nor on the Brent Council website.  How are people going to find out about it?

Martin Francis 

Beth's response:

Dear Martin

The council and Remarkable Group are in the process of updating their websites.

This first session is meant to update residents on the project and provide more information on the next steps which are being planned.
We are aware of the constraint of the Olympics which is why we have programmed this event on a day when there are no events in Wembley.

The Library Lab (who are hosting and facilitating the consultation) will be open throughout the summer and they will be the first point of contact to answer questions and take feedback at any time.

We are then planning a series of facilitated workshops in September, details of this will follow.

I trust that this addresses your concerns.

Best wishes


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