Wednesday, 25 July 2012

'Engage' with Council and Galliford Try on August 8th

We hope there will be a lot more to Galliford Try and Brent Council's summer 'stop, listen and reflect' period but here is the first (hopefully not the last) offer: After all August is when many families will be away.

Anyway this will be a chance to make the case for the retention of the Old Library, space for the Willesden Booskhop, a Town Square (now thankfully cleared of the wooden trees!), proper management and anything else that concerns you.

Dear Resident
The planning application for the proposed new Willesden Green Cultural Centre was withdrawn by Galliford Try at the beginning of July.
The Council and Galliford Try are now proposing some further engagement activities with local people and other stakeholders to explore the design for the Cultural Centre including what the building will look like and also what activities will take place in and around the building.
An open day will be held on 8 August 2012 at the Willesden Green Library Centre in the Library Lab to update all stakeholders. You are welcome to drop in at any  time during the day and we will be available to answer questions. There will be presentations at set times during the day and further information on this will be available at the Library Lab.
Thursday 8 August
11am to 8pm at the Library Lab at the WGLC
Beth Kay
Regeneration Officer (Major Projects)
*Address: Regeneration & Major Projects, 2nd Floor, East Wing,
349 -357 High Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6BZ

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  1. This comment from a KWG supporter:

    I am appalled that Galliford Try has learned nothing from this whole process. Words like "presentation" and "update" do not show an interest in starting over and asking the community what they want in a focus group/brainstorming situation. It shows that once again they have made their minds up before the community is authentically questioned. The "activities" that they have planned sound like games they've chosen to keep us entertained with a feel of pseudo-participation in the development process. I, for one, am highly skeptical and suspicious that this will turn out similarly to the previous "consultation" meetings which were us listening to what they wanted to do rather than them listening to what WE wanted them to do.

    Please everybody stay aware to yet more railroading.


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