Saturday, 18 February 2012

Willesden Green Client Design Brief emerges from the shadows

Following our public meeting on Thursday I have found the Willesden Green Client Design Brief  on Brent Council's website. Follow this LINK to the 114 page document.

There is no direct reference to incorporating the 1894 Old Willesden Library into the project or of providing space for the Willesden Bookshop.

There is however, the statement:

Proposals could add additional value by:
i Providing spaces within the wider development that accommodate community-led organisations, or services/business/organisations of direct social or economic benefit to the local community.
ii Providing active ground-floor frontages wherever possible.
We had been told by councillors and officers that incorporation of the Victorian Building and provision of bookshop space had been ruled out by developers but  the possibility does not  appear  in this initial design brief that was written by the Council in June 2011.

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