Sunday, 12 February 2012

Speakers on Willesden Green development at Executive tomorrow

Several local residents have requested permission to make 3 minute presentations at the Brent Executive meeting on Monday evening. They are likely to be taken at the beginning of the meeting after apologies and minutes.

The meeting begins at 7pm on Monday 13th February in Committee Rooms 1,2 and 3 (at the top of the stairs).

The members of the Executive are:
Cllr John (Chair) Leader/Lead Member for Corporate Strategy and Policy
Cllr Butt (Vice-Chair) Deputy Leader/Lead Member for Resources
Cllr Arnold Lead Member for Children and Families
Cllr Beswick Lead Member for Crime and Public Safety
Cllr Crane Lead Member for Regeneration and Major Projects
Cllr Jones Lead Member for Customers and Citizens
Cllr Long Lead Member for Housing
Cllr J Moher Lead Member for Highways and Transportation
Cllr R Moher Lead Member for Adults and Health
Cllr Powney Lead Member for Environment and Neighbourhoods

Cllr George Crane will probably comment on the regeneration  proposals with possible additional comments from Cllr James Powney who leads on libraries.

Among the issues that have emerged about the regeneration proposals are:

  • Lack of consultation over the original proposals and the 'offer' to be made in the proposed Cultural Centre
  • The handing over to developers of council land to finance the development with all profits from housing going to the developer
  • The Council-Private Partnership which leaves a lot of decision making to the developer
  • The developer's apparent decision that retail in the Centre would not be viable (despite provision for a cafe when there are many available in the vicinity)
  • The subsequent loss of premises to the much valued Willesden Bookshop
  • The developer's advice that the historic old  locally listed 1894 Willesden Library could not be accommodated in the new plans
  • The subsequent loss of  a base for the Brent Irish Advisory Service
  • The apparent lack of public meeting rooms in the new Centre when the current rooms have been well-used and are essential to local democracy
  • Provision for council offices in the new building when other offices are being closed and moved to the new Civic Centre
  • The adequacy of the council's alternative arrangements during the 18month-2 year building period and proposals to reopen some of the closed libraries instead
  • Loss of the open space in front of the library
  • Lack of parking spaces for disabled visitors

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